Free Fundraising Idea For Charities, Churches and Non-Profits


Free Fundraising Idea

Are you looking for a great, FREE way to raise extra money for your charity, church or non-profit organization?

You can by renting ad space on your website to sponsors!  I do all the work for you, all you do is add a small snippet of code to the bottom of your website page where you want the ads to appear.

In these tough economic times giving to charity and non-profit organizations is down.  This is a great way to get money coming in to your charity on a monthly basis. 

The ads that appear are all text (no pictures or flashy banners), no more than 20 letters long, and link only to family-friendly websites. 

Depending on your website, it's possible to make as much as $1,000/month per page for your charity or non-profit organization.

I get all the ads for you, check to make sure that the business or service that wants ad space is family-friendly and in alignment with the ideals of your organization, handle all the billing, add/remove/edit ads as needed and then send you a check at the beginning of each month for your charity which contains payment for all monthly ad payments received from your website the previous month.  

This is completely free to you and you may cancel at any time. 

How much does this cost?

It is free for you and will never require any money be paid by your charity.  You will receive 75% of all ad payments.  For my work, I will retain 25% plus receive one free ad on your website.

Can I choose which ads appear on my website?

Yes.  You can choose the type of ads that appear.  I will get only family friendly ads for you that are in alignment with your organization's ideals and beliefs.  You have total control over what ads appear on your website.  If there is ever an ad that you want removed, it will be removed immediately and payment for any unused time refunded to the ad sponsor.

What do the ads look like?

The ads appear in a box at the bottom of the web page(s) you wish to place ads on.  You can see an example of this below.  The ad links in the example below are similar to what the ad links on your web pages will look like. 

The ad box look and color will be set up to fit your website's style and color scheme.  The maximum number of ads placed on a web page is 30. 

Can I talk to other non-profits using your service?

Sorry, no.  I do not give out that information for business reasons.  

Is there a lot of work required by me or my organization?

No.  All you need to do is have your webmaster add the code I provide you to your website and add two files I give you to your website.  That's it.  It's very simple and requires about 5 minutes of work initially to upload the files and place the code.  After that, you will never have to do anything again except receive the checks.

I'm not a charity or non-profit but I would like to rent space on my website.  Will you help me?

Sorry, no.  I'm a former social worker and know how much charities need money, now more than ever.  I only work with non-profit organizations. 

This sounds great.  I would like to sign my charity up or get more information.  How can I contact you?

Click here to email me:


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